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What's Happening at SJISD?

  • San Juan Island School District Board of Directors Decision to Transition 6th grade from Friday Harbor Elementary School to Friday Harbor Middle School


    At a Special School Board Meeting/Public Hearing on Thursday, May 18, 2017, the San Juan Island School District Board of Directors took action to approve the proposed transition of the 6th grade from Friday Harbor Elementary School to Friday Harbor Middle School.


    According to Dr. Danna Diaz, Superintendent of Schools, “The sixth grade committee presented to the board in January and provided the rationale of why they support the move up.  The District postponed the decision until now due to our legislative session and the education funding formula.”


    The Board of Directors was pressed to make a decision even though the legislature is still in special session as school districts have a legal deadline to finish the development of a district-wide budget for 2017-18.  Rationale for the move included Increased access to age appropriate resources, such as science materials, access to STEM, library resources, a school counselor, and an intervention specialist.  The move would help the two schools to utilize the space more effectively which directly impacts safety, education, and social/emotional well-being.   


    Moving the 6th grade is in alignment with the San Juan Island School District’s Mission Statement; “Promote excellence, engaging every student, every day, through superior instruction, high expectations and academic content that is both challenging and individually relevant.”


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  • Evaluators Needed for Community Projects

    The Community Service-Learning Projects class at Friday Harbor High School is a chance for juniors to explore their passions and strengths by designing a project with a community partner that addresses a need in the community.  By designing and completing a meaningful project it is hoped that students will leave a lasting legacy for the school, community and themselves.


    The semester is soon coming to an end and students have been working diligently all semester to complete their projects. On Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 (5:30 – 7:00 P.M.), students will be giving presentations demonstrating all that they have accomplished and learned this term. We need community members to come and give valuable feedback to our students about their projects.  It will truly be an exciting evening to learn about so many great projects such as: interviewing and making playlists for the Music and Memory program, building coffee tables for the library, writing and performing a play on bullying for the elementary school, working on the pathways at Mount Grant, raising money for children’s scholarships with the Family Resource Center, raising awareness of the plight of our resident orca population, teaching cooking classes at a local school, documenting plant growth at American Camp …. just to name a few!   


    For those of you who have assisted us before, I think you will be impressed with how far we continue to progress as a school in our efforts to make community connections and do real world work.  For those of you who have not attended these presentations, it’s an opportunity to see the accomplishments of students in our school.  We are proud of the passion the students have for their service projects.


    We need approximately 18 evaluators.

    What:    Community Service-Learning Presentations

    Where:   Friday Harbor High School

    When:    Wednesday, June 7th

    Time:      5:30 – 7:00 PM

    Why:       Give feedback to students about their projects


    Please respond by email at:  if you can evaluate. 


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  • SJISD Mobile App Has Been Launched!

    mobile app image Take a peek to see how you can download and customize our mobile app to fit your family's needs and to stay connected.

    See it now.

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Superintendent's Letter

  • April 2017

    Greetings Teachers, Staff, Parents, Students and Community Members: This semester, we have been busy planning for the next academic year. The school board adopted new literacy instructional materials for the elementary school and new Spanish instructional materials for the high school. Our secondary math teachers are researching the best instructional materials while our science teachers are aligning their work with the Next Generation Science Standards. We are working hard toward our strategic goals of Powerful Teaching and learning, District Climate, and Early Learning. It is an exciting time in our district.

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  • Highly Capable Identification Process

    Annual Notification WAC 392-170-042

    Referrals for consideration of participation in San Juan Island School District’s Highly Capable Program for the 2017-18 school year are currently being requested. Anyone may refer a student including parents, teachers, other students, and members of the community.


    Highly Capable Services are designed to address the unique needs of highly capable students in grades K-12. Students identified as highly capable of high academic and intellectual ability will have an opportunity to explore concepts in greater depth and further develop their thinking and creativity. There will be a continuum of service options for students depending on their grade level.


    Referrals will be accepted for currently enrolled students in grades K-12 from May 15 to October 31, 2017. Referrals will be accepted from parents, teachers, and community members for initial screening for participation in the Highly Capable Program.


    To participate in the program, students must meet very rigorous criteria and be selected by their school’s Student Support Team which includes an administrator, teachers, and the school psychologist.


    Highly Capable Identification Process:

    1. Referrals accepted: May 15 to October 31, 2017. Anyone interested in referring a student to be assessed for program eligibility can download the district referral form from the San Juan Island School District’s website. Forms will also be available at the elementary, middle, and high school offices.
    2. Please return completed referral forms to the elementary, middle, or high school office where the student is enrolled.
    3. Referrals will be screened by each school’s Student Support Team composed of teachers, counselors/psychologists, and administrators using multiple objective criteria in accordance to WAC 391-170-045.
    4. Cognitive Testing: The Student Support Team will identify students for additional cognitive testing who demonstrate evidence supporting highly qualified characteristics.
    5. Student Support Team members will analyze achievement and cognitive student data to determine placement.
    6. Letters will be mailed to parents announcing the team’s decision for eligibility.

    If you have questions please contact the Highly Capable Program Coordinator, Jerry Ball, 360-378-3292 or the District Office 360-378-4133.

    Learn more here.

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  • Friday Harbor High School’s Turnbull Gym Locker Room Remodel

    to begin April 12, 2017

    April 5, 2017 

    San Juan Island School District is excited to announce the start of the Turnbull Gym locker room remodel. The demolition and construction phase of the long awaited re-model and refurbishment of the Turnbull Gym locker rooms will officially begin on Wednesday, April 12th. This project is scheduled to be completed by the middle of August so that it does not interfere with next year’s curriculum or sport schedules.


    The Turnbull Gym remodel bid was awarded to H.B. Hansen Construction, Inc., from Lynden Washington. 


    After April 12th gym access will be limited to the weight room area for weight training classes only.  Island Rec activities that are usually scheduled for Turnbull Gym will continue in the Friday Harbor High School’s Hall Gym. Middle School and High School PE classes will take place also in Hall Gym or outside during favorable weather.  During inclement spring weather, high school Baseball and Fastpitch practice will take place in Hall Gym as well. 


    Ralph Hahn, SJISD Board Chair, said, “We are looking forward to completing the Turnbull Gym Locker room remodel.  The district is very thankful to the community for support for this project through the Capital and Technology Levy.” 


    Questions may be directed to Garret Holmes, SJISD Facility Manager, (360) 370-7902.


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  • If you know of a student who needs help, PARTICULARLY WITH BULLYING AND HARASSMENT, please feel free to contact us on our safe schools reporting system at:
    Safeschools Alert Reporting Link -


    For more info, click here-

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