• Mission Statement:
    Promote excellence, engaging every student, every day, through superior instruction, high expectations and academic content that is both challenging and individually relevant.

    Vision Statement:
    Our students will graduate prepared for life’s challenges as productive citizens who are happy, healthy and compassionate.

    District Goals:
    1. Powerful Teaching & Learning.
    (1) Inspire self-evaluation and critical thinking skills in our students through instruction that is differentiated and individually relevant, supplemented by technology that is bold, intentional and seamless;
    (2) Recruit and retain passionate teachers, providing ongoing training that is flexible and professionally focused;
    (3) Integrate STEM, life-skills and arts instruction within an aligned curriculum that drives student engagement and accountability, meeting high expectations through demonstrated achievement; and
    (4) Maintain an adaptive culture, incorporating best practices and fostering innovation in all areas.

    2. District Climate.
    (1) Ensure a safe, tolerant and welcoming climate that values mutual respect and multi-cultural acceptance;
    (2) Recognize and celebrate success at all levels via communication that is proactive, positive, and sincere, using varied media; and
    (3) Promote inclusive partnerships with families and our community that foster engagement and enhance student learning.

    3. Early Learning.
    (1) Advance school-readiness through collaborative partnerships with parents and pre-school providers which emphasize experiential learning, literacy and social/emotional development; and
    (2) foster successful K-3 transitions through proactive assessment and early intervention strategies.

    Foundational Principle:
    Stewardship. Engender trust by ensuring the responsive and optimal use of district resources, in a manner that is clear and transparent to stakeholders.