Capital Projects

With passage of the levy in 2016, the San Juan Island School District has been able to begin and complete a number of important building and campus upgrades. These include the re-roofing of the High School, a new fire suppression and detection system in our Elementary school, new fire detection systems in Turnbull gym, Stem center, High School and Middle School, as well as the installation of new Led exterior lights at the Middle and High School campuses. 

The District has also formally hired an architect to re-design and update the locker rooms in Turnbull gym. This exciting Project will create a functional ADA approved multi-sport locker room area that will turn an eye sore into something the community can be proud of.
Facilities and Maintenance Personnel
Garrett Holmes
Garrett Holmes, Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor
W. (360) 370-7902
C. (360) 298-8534
Brock Hauck, HS/MS Building Engineer
W. (360) 370-7105
C. (909) 322-0022 
Bob Carroll, Elementary Building Engineer
W. (360) 370-7334
C. (360) 622-6567
Kelly Schmidt, Elementary Custodian
W. (360) 370-7346
C. (360) 622-6404
James (Lumpy) Sane, HS Custodian 
C. (360) 298-4277
Debra Bachholder, MS Custodian
C. (360) 298-5911