Facilities and Modernizing our Educational Environment

Our transition to all-day kindergarten, reduction in primary class size, and our goal to improve student access to science and the arts at the Elementary school has prompted the district to undertake a study of space requirements in 2016. Currently, further evaluation is underway to explore options for the creation of a STEM type science lab at the Elementary School.
Facilities and Maintenance Personnel
Garrett Holmes
Garrett Holmes, Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor
W. (360) 370-7902
C. (360) 298-8534
Brock Hauck, HS/MS Building Engineer
W. (360) 370-7105
C. (909) 322-0022 
Bob Carroll, Elementary Building Engineer
W. (360) 370-7334
C. (360) 622-6567
Kelly Schmidt, Elementary Custodian
W. (360) 370-7346
C. (360) 622-6404
James (Lumpy) Sane, HS Custodian 
C. (360) 298-4277
Debra Bachholder, MS Custodian
C. (360) 298-5911