Board Operating Principles Final

Adopted by SJISD BOD

August 26, 2015


The Role of the Board

The Board will:

·         Govern proactively,  focusing the mission of the San Juan Island School District

·          Uphold and promote the integrity and positive image of the District.

·         Govern and motivate the district through the careful establishment of written policies.

·         Give collective direction to the District Superintendent.

·         Support the Superintendent’s leadership and management of the district.


Procedures of the Board

The Board will:

·         Conduct its business in compliance with relevant Washington State Law.

·         Apply parliamentary best practice.  

·         Maintain appropriate confidentiality.

·         Hold itself accountable for its performance.

·         Orient new Directors

·         Collectively stay abreast of regional, state and national educational trends.

·         Fully explore diverse viewpoints.

·         Provide for ample community participation.

·         Adhere to the calendar especially in regard to legally required actions.


Behaviors of the Board

Discussion and actions of the Board will:

·         Focus on strategic leadership.

·         Cultivate group responsibility.

·         Use the expertise of individual Board members in committee responsibilities.

·         Respect the integrity of District employees and their representative organizations.


Planning will:

·         Insure that the Board and Superintendent evaluations are effective and timely.

·         Balance short and long range District needs.


Communication will:

·         Evidence Board members’ preparation.

·         Exercise honesty.

·         Focus on issues.

·         Prevent surprises.

·         Praise publicly, criticize privately.

·         Respect decisions of the full Board.

Responsibilities of the Board Chair


The Chair will:

·         Conduct meetings using parliamentary best practice.

·         Provide for full exploration of diverse viewpoints.

·         Efficiently move the agenda.

·         Insure fulfillment of Board governance responsibilities.

·         Provide reasonable, focused and balanced opportunities for community participation.

·         Control all discussion through the chair.

·         Prevent dilatory discussion.

·         Provide for timely assembly and publication of Board agendas in cooperation with the Superintendent.