Facilities, Maintenance, and Capital Projects

Friday Harbor Schools comprise approximately 200,000 square feet of building facilities and 25 acres of property and grounds. Facility Services support learning by keeping schools and grounds in top condition for the benefit of students. The department oversees construction projects, renovations and repairs as well as custodial services, landscaping and maintenance. The Department also coordinates moving students, teachers, and materials from one building to another during renovations and relocations. In everything we do, the safety, health and well-being of our students is our foremost priority.
Facilities and Maintenance Personnel
Garrett Holmes
Garrett Holmes, Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor
W. (360) 370-7902
C. (360) 298-8534
Brock Hauck, HS/MS Building Engineer
W. (360) 370-7105
C. (909) 322-0022 
Bob Carroll, Elementary Building Engineer
W. (360) 370-7334
C. (360) 622-6567
Kelly Schmidt, Elementary Custodian
W. (360) 370-7346
C. (360) 622-6404
James (Lumpy) Sane, HS Custodian 
C. (360) 298-4277
Debra Bachholder, MS Custodian
C. (360) 298-5911