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September 30, 2016



Greetings Teachers, Staff, Parents, Students and Community Members:


The fall season is here. School has been in session for a month and we are realizing the district’s new mission:


To promote excellence, engaging every student, every day, through superior instruction, high expectations and academic content that is both challenging and individually relevant.


I would like to say thank you to all the new teachers, staff, students and their families for choosing San Juan Island School District. We love to put children first and pride ourselves with demonstrating our commitment and dedication to education.


Every day I have the privilege to visit schools and greet students and teachers. I am warmed by the hard-working leaders, passionate teachers and enthusiastic learners.

While walking the halls of the schools, I hear excited voices and see our teachers motivating our students. The buildings are clean, Food for Thought personnel are busy planning healthy meals for our students and the bus drivers have done a fantastic job picking up our students and ensuring they arrive to school on time. Thank you!


Throughout our wonderful district, all teachers are teaching, children are learning and engaged in their lessons. I continue to be amazed at our teachers who reinforce the demands of a challenging curriculum. It is evident that our teachers and staff have worked hard getting this year started. I feel very confident about the start we’ve had at San Juan Island School District this year. Not only are we grateful to our new teachers and staff and returning teachers and staff for choosing San Juan Island School District but our students and their parents as well.


I would like to remind you of the San Juan Public School Foundation Phone-a-Thon, October 17 & 18. They would like to have volunteers help make phone calls but they would also like for you to consider making a donation. Your support will allow our teachers to order the instructional materials they need for the classrooms.


If you have any questions regarding our district, you may contact me at 360.370.7905 or email Thank you for your continued support.


Kind regards,


Danna Diaz, PhD